Beginner to intermediate-level online guitar lessons with an experienced teacher who knows how to help you reach your goals for the guitar!

Guitar lessons with Donnie can help you:

  • Learn how to play the songs you love on the guitar
  • Expand your chord vocabulary so you can play more challenging music
  • Learn how to play lead guitar and get good at improvisation and soloing
  • Fill in any gaps in your playing technique and your musical understanding
  • Play songs on the guitar by ear without needing any charts or sheet music
  • Start composing and writing your own songs
  • Understand music theory and how/why music works on the guitar
  • Break out of the rut you may feel stuck in with your playing
  • Learn how to make pro-quality recordings of your guitar playing using your computer
  • A whole lot more!

What do you want to learn?

Lessons with Donnie are customized around YOUR goals for the guitar. If there’s something you’re interested in, your lessons will be catered to those specific objectives. You don’t have to worry about your lessons randomly jumping around from one topic to another, or your teacher forcing you to learn things you don’t care about. Donnie is a recognized expert on teaching guitar and he knows how to do it right!


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